Ground has been broken (finally)…and a call out

Coding and data collection has started on what I'm calling the "AB-Reboot". I have lost count on what "version" this would be so that's why I'm calling it a reboot. Even once the new site launches, work will still be going on behind the scenes. Ideally, each movie/TV show/etc will get it's own page with all the media I can scrounge for each project. This will be the hardest part as in I have to recapture screen shots and do video clips, find trailers and all that good stuff. The hunt will be worth it.

Here is where the "call out" part comes in....I'm making a plea to the Abe's friends and family that would be willing to share photos and anecdotes about Abe. Nothing too personal or embarrassing please. I want Abe to be as proud of this site as I will be, and I know members of his family will see some of what I receive. Email them to

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