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Wristcutters: A Love Story (2006) - Character: Erik

This one made the art house rounds so now that it's out, that many people will get to see it. From the clips I've seen it's a pretty interesting concept. It all takes place in a special version of the afterlife reserved for those that have done themselves in and while there must search for what they were missing during their life in order to move onward.

TV: The Movie (2006) - Character: Unknown
This looks like it's shaping up to be an unusual movie. An ensemble cast movie, Abe is joined but Lee Majors (The Six-Million Dollar Man) and most of the Jackass gang in a sketch-comedy movie based on current television programming (or lack there of). It's following in the footsteps of Kentucky Fried Movie,Amazon Women on the Moon, The Groove Tube and Tunnelvision.
Charlotte's Web (2006) - Character: Uncle the pig
Abe lends his voice to the character of "Uncle the pig" in this new live action and computer animated adaption of E.B. White's childrens classic. Uncle is the competition that Wilbur must face in the pig judging contest.
Venus & Vegas (2005) - Chracter: Bruno
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Three petty crooks juggle their "significant other" relationships while weaving their way through a botched burglary.

No release date set yet.

Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous - Character: Lou Steele
This time around Abe is the bad guy who kidnaps Miss United States and the emcee. It's an uninspired sequel from the first one but it does have moments that make it funny. Just don't expect too much except a lot of fun fluff.
Without a Paddle (2004) - Character: Dennis

What a fun cheesy-assed movie this was. Abe gets paired up with Ethan Suplee as brothers out to do in Seth Green and his friends. Here's an example of some of the dialog:

[ after finding the guys while singing "Do you Really Want to Hurt Me" ]
Dennis , Elwood : [ singing ] Yes we really want to hurt you. Yes we really want to make you cry. Yes we really want to shoot you. Yes we really want to make you DIE.

Open Range (2003) - Character: Mose
Hopefully this is Kevin Costner's final attempt at the western genre. I know that Abe really enjoyed shooting this one up in Calgary. It's a decent story and worth watching if you like this type of movie.
Zig Zag (2002) - Character: Hector
zigzag Abe has a bit part as the tough-guy for a nightclub owner/loan shark.

It's a somewhat interesting movie with some decent (and some bad) acting. I found it kind of boring myself but at least it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The kid who played ZigZag, Sam Jones, is worth watching but that's about it.

The Man Who Wasn't There (2001) - Character: Young Man
Another amazing effort from the Coen brothers. I just wish Abe had a bigger scene but he only appears in the Christmas Party scene and he has about 1 minute of screen time. That aside it's a stunning film that you should really see if you can.
A Touch of Hope (1999) (made for TV) - Character: Dr. Neil Bachman
This made for TV moive is based on a true story about a man (played by Anthony Michael Hall) who has the power of healing touch.
Out in Fifty (1999) - Character: Spike
Abe has a real small role as a drug dealer that gets his butt kicked by Mickey Rourke in this challenging movie. It's challenging because it took a lot of effort to sit through this movie.
Rugrats: The Movie (1998) - Character: Serge
Abe does the voice for one of the bad guys in this animated romp based on the highly successful animated series.
I Woke Up Early the Day I Died (1998) - Character: Bouncer
Mired in money troubles, don't hold your breath for this to ever be available officially on DVD. There are bootleg versions on the net and I've seen some on eBay but they are all bootleg versions. I have had the misfortune of seeing this movie and while it may have been fun to make, it's torture to watch. What's left of the original website is here
Border to Border (1998) - Character:

Geddy Paretti

Abe plays a low-level mobster who is going to launder money for an old friend.

Official site

Tempting Fate (1998) (made for TV) - Character:

John Bollandine

Abe co-stars wth fellow E.R. actor Ming-Na Wen and Tate Donovan and travel to an anternate universe. This one is available on DVD but only in Asia.
Under Oath (1997) - Character:

Geoff Carmichael

Two honest cops cross the line for a one time score, resulting in the death of an undercover FBI agent. A bad situation only turns worse when they are assigned to solve their own crime. Abe plays an ATF agent whose partner accidentally gets killed by two cops thinking they're ripping off an arms dealer
U-Turn (1997) - Character: Biker #1
Abe's scene is about 20 minutes into the movie and kind of brief and to the point. He robs a convience store when Sean Penn is there. I love the tattoo he has on his arm, "Dry Clean Only".
George of the Jungle (1997) - Character: Thor, van de Groot's Sidekick Thug
Abe plays one of the two bumbling toadies of the bad guy. It's an entirely silly movie that surprisingly is more than a one joke movie. I would probably have to lump this one in with "Magic Island" where Abe is used mainly for comic fodder. Such as when Abe gets huge wedgie, a gorilla farts in his face, among others.
Twister (1996) - Character: Bubba
Abraham plays one of the "bad guys" - a member of the rival team of storm chasers, and is seen driving one of the 4WDs, where he had one line. Again, not a great movie to allow character development for Abraham. A large part of Abraham's role was left on the cutting room floor,
Out There (1995) - Character: Roy
A photographer discovers a 25 year old undeveloped roll of film that has photos of 'real' aliens on it. I have yet to see this one. Look quick because Abe only shows up in some of the photos from that found roll of film.
Magic Island (1995) - Character: Duckbone
This pirate tale stars Zachary Ty Bryan (TV's "Home Improvements") and is mainly geared towards kids. Typical "saturday morning" fare but it's still fun. Also stars Frech Stewart (TV's "3rd Rock From the Sun").
The Shadow (1994) - Character: Marine Guard
Abe's sceen is brief and he meets an untimely end in this film.
Wagons East! (1994) - Character: Abe Ferguson
In John Candy's last film, Abraham played a character who also met a rather gruesome death. Early in the film, Abe Ferguson was drawn and quartered (chained by each limb to horses, and then torn apart). Benrubi sported a bald head and a very thick beard in this film, completely unlike the goatee that we see him sporting in ER

The Program (1993) - Character: Bud-Lite

Abraham played a college football player in this movie which was focussed on what "really" happens in college football. The movie focussed on a few different players on the team and what happens to them.
Abraham isn't a main character in the movie, but he does have significant on-screen time. In his best scene he sings while blocking an opposing player. There was some controversy about the film when, in one scene, several of the players (Abraham included) run out onto the highway and lay down between two lanes. In the movie they didn't get hurt, but several American teenagers tried this and got killed. The scene was cut from the video release and you could only see it in the original theatre version (all theatres were sent an edited copy a week or two after the initial release). In the still seen above, he helps welcome Omar Epps. Omar and Abe would later meet again on "E.R.".
Crossing the Bridge (1992) - Character: Rinny
In this "coming of age" style film, three friends (Abe isn't one of them) get talked into running drugs across the Canadian border by David Schwimmer (TV's "Friends"). It's really a good movie and you should try and watch it, even if Abe isn't in it too much.
Diving In (1991) - Character: Rick
In this movie about an high-diving Olympic hopeful who unfortunately had a fear of heights, Abraham played the school bully. Not a movie that really allowed Abraham to explore his character in a meaningful way, unfortunately. It just required him to be the dumb tough guy that the bad guys manipulated to maintain their power in the school. (I do have this on VHS and I will have a new still up)

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