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Criminal Minds (2005) episode 1.7 "The Fox" Character: "Frank Fielding"
criminalminds Abe only has a small part in this episode but what a job he does! He's accused of killing his sister and her family. Abe's character is a bit on the slow side mentally so it comes as a major shock that first his sister and her family are dead and that second he's being accused of the murder.
Robot Chicken (2005-ongoing) Various voices
optimusprime This is basically a sketch comedy show like MAD-TV and the like but it uses action figures, claymation and other non-traditional methods. It's very twisted and funny. The show was created by Seth Green and is based on a regular column in ToyFair magaine. Abe does the voice for a number of characters including, Optimus Prime, Darth Vader and Fidel Castro.
American Dad (2005) episode 1.6 "Homeland Insecurity" Character: "Big guy in jail"
ameridandad Abe only has a small part in this episode called "Homeland Insecurity". Stan Smith, the main character, gets thrown in jail for trying to "keep his family and country safe" and Abe is his cell mate who was just trying to keep his little sister safe by killing her boyfriend and eating his brains. Later he forces Stan into a production of "South Pacific".
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (2002) episode 7.5 "Selfless" Character: "Olaf"
buffy705 Anya grants a young woman's wish, but the violent and deadly act of vengeance leaves Anya completely guilt-ridden. In order to fix her mistake, she asks that the spell be undone. Knowing the price of the reversal is the life of a Vengeance Demon, she's willing to make the sacrifice. Abe appears at the beginning of the episode during a flashback showing how Anya became a demon.
Going to California (2002) episode 1.18 "Mixed Doubles" Characer: "Harvey"
noimage The west bound boys run into their east bound counterparts about halfway through their journey. The series was cancelled two episodes later.
Abe was originally cast as one of the two main characters in the show's original pilot for the WB, but when the show was picked up by Showtime, he was unavailable.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (2001) episode 5.11 "Triangle" Character: "Olaf"
buffy511 Buffy's post-Riley emotional turmoil is interrupted by a malevolent troll accidentally set loose on Sunnydale by Anya and Willow as a result of their bickering. The gang teams up to take him down, but the little monster's magic hammer packs a mean wallop.
Dark Angel (2000) episode 1.3 "Flushed" Character: "Break"
darkangel Abe plays a rebellious clothing store owner who befriends Max when she gets tossed in jail. He has a way of making things happen in jail thanks to a guard that likes stilletto heels
X files (1999) episode 6.15 "Arcadia" Character "Big Mike"
xfiles Welcome to Hell, suburban style! Mulder and Scully pose as a married couple, Rob and Laura Petrie (ala Dick Van Dyke Show), in a subdivision where the neighbors really go overboard keeping the place neat and tidy. Two words ... garbage monsters. Abe, unfortunately becomes fodder for the monster and meets a rather grizzly end.
Wings (1996) episode 7.13 "Sons and Lovers" Character: "R.J."
wings713 Roy is preparing to celebrate his 12th birthday (Roy was born on the 29th February), when R.J. turns up unexpectedly to help him celebrate. The two of them are having a great time together, until R.J. mentions his 'personal life'. Roy freaks, and when R.J.'s partner Luke arrives, Roy cannot cope. Just as R.J. and Luke are about to fly out, Roy stops them, and tries to apologise.
Grace Under Fire (1993) episode 1.3 "Grace Undergraduate" Character: "Mark"
graceunderfire Aired 13 October 1993 - Grace and Nadine have a "girl's night out", where they try to pretend that they're young again. It ends up as an encounter with a number of boys at a fraternity party. Abe played one of those boys. Can you spot which one is Abe?
Married ...with Children (1993) epidode 7.25 "The Wedding Repercussions" Character: "Jimmy"
Abe plays Jimmy, Bud and Kelly's cousin. Jimmy was determined to find out who got it on with his fiancee on their wedding day (which occurred in "Wedding Show" earlier in the season). Jimmy was threatening to SERIOUSLY hurt the guy that did it (making use of his strength). To help find the guilty party, Jimmy asks for help from Bud, not knowing that Bud was the one that did it!
Roseanne (1992) episode 5.7 "Halloween IV" Character: "Dan Conner"
Abe made a short cameo in this show during a flashback when Dan and Roseanne meet and have their first dance.
In this episode, Roseanne sends everyone off to a Halloween party, but stays at home because she doesn't feel in the Halloween spirit. The ghosts of Halloween past, present and future come to visit.

Angel Street (1992) pilot episode version 1 Character: "Rufus"
noimage Next to nothing is known about this version of the very short lived detective drama series. There were only 8 episodes were made, including two versions of the pilot but only 3 aired. Odds are this will never see the light of day again in any format. Oh well it would have been nice to see this one. I have heard that the pilot was turned into a movie but this will take some tracking down.
Blossom (1992) episode 2.22 "Whines and Misdemeanors" Character: "Francis"
Blossom Yet another cameo performance for Abraham in this episode that aired on 6 April 1992. Blossom lands herself in detention, where we find Abe as Francis, an "artistic type" (so we are told). Interestingly, Francis is also Kubiac's first name in "Parker Lewis Can't Lose".
Married ...with Children (1991) episode 6.1 "She's Having a Baby: Part 1" Character: "Baby"
In "She's Having My Baby", the sixth season opener (aired 8 September 1991), Abraham appeared in a dream sequence. Al, on learning that Peg was pregnant, had a dream about the baby-to-be, which turned out to be Abe.
Wings (1990) episode 2.10 "There's Always Room for Cello" Character: "RJ"
wings210 Abe plays R.J., son of Roy Biggins. R.J., star of the school football team, tells Roy that he has a crush on Helen, and wants to learn the cello in order to get close to her, which Roy agrees to. However, Helen finds this out and questions R.J. about his intentions. R.J. tells Helen that the reason he told Roy that was because he really wanted to learn the cello, and that he doesn't have a crush on her because he's actually gay

Growing Pains (1990) episode 5.19 "Mike, the Teacher" Character: "Really Big Kid"

noimage Mike Seaver (Kirk Cameron) stood in as a substitute teacher for a class of 'problem students' at Dewey High. However, when he turned up to the classroom, Abe was the only one there! Mike asked Abe where everyone was, to which he raised his hand and said "The big kids all went home!". Abe stands up, desk still attached to his body, and waddles out of the classroom with the desk swinging as he walked.

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