Ghost Light (2014) - Character: Harvey
ghostlight After breaking down on a deserted stretch of Old Route 66, Harvey’s travel plans are halted as his delinquent son Brandon takes off on foot into the surrounding woods.
Determined to get Brandon to his destination and wash his hands clean of him forever, Harvey follows his son to an old, run-down, 24 hour diner, where things aren’t as they seem. Unbeknownst to Harvey, a malevolent force is lurking in the shadows, waiting for the moment to strike and separate father and son once and for all.
String Theory (2013) - Character: Patsy
string theory THE STORY

"The cracking pavement, has been the wave meant to bring me to your door."

Aurora, Patsy and Yun, three singer-songwriters struggling amongst the gritty streets of Hollywood, are all strangers unknowingly connected by their love and need for music. String Theory follows them individually until their lives intersect for a brief moment that changes each in a profound way.

"The rhymes I spit like fire, from ashes I will rise."

At the very core of String Theory lies the music. It's what Aurora, Patsy and Yun use to cope and get through their daily trials. They don't write and play music because they want to be rock stars. They do it because it's their way of dealing with the world around them.

"The string's are breaking, the world's remaking it."

In addition to filming amongst iconic places in and around Hollywood, we are taking a unique approach to the production of String Theory's music.

Each artist will be recorded live, on location singing to special click tracks that they will hear through spy earpieces. This will allow them to harmonize and perfectly sync with each other, despite being apart and recorded at different times. Our approach will require a lot of rehearsal, not to mention some fancy equipment. But the result will be beautiful, honest and in the moment recordings that heighten the emotion of the piece. The final product will not only score our film but also be available as a four song EP on iTunes.

ABRAHAM BENRUBI (E.R., Parker Lewis, U-Turn, Robot Chicken) as PATSY
PAULINA CERRILLA (Season 3 of NBC's The Voice) as AURORA

My Mother is Not a Fish (2013) - Character: Harvey
noimage After an embarrassing divorce and child-custody battle, a man struggles to re-connect with his teenage son.
Noel (2013) - Character: Tim
noimage Christina rushes through the hospital doors on Christmas Eve to discover her sister is locked in a life and death battle during childbirth. When she goes outside to collect herself, she is met by a mysterious stranger, who might be bringing something other than good tidings of great joy...
Shoot'r (2012) - Character: Punisher
noimage Be the first to provide information about this project of Abe's.
Pizza Time (2006) - Character: Uncle Bruno
Shot in a style that resembles the TV show 24 this short film revolves around a mom & pop pizza shop who guarantees delivery that are done in 24 minutes. All the while the rival pizza store, Pizza King, plot to stop the delivery and destroy Pizza Time's reputation. The plot is an allegory of corporate giants overtaking and pushing out the smaller mom & pop style shops. Since this is a short film shot in Bakersfield, it luckily is available on Vimeo. If you have the time, it is certainly was fun to watch.
War Story (2001) - Character: Eric

Official Site
1918. Hungry and broke, Metly Moorville takes a job at a cafe. While the waiters all stumble over themselves to gain the affections of beautiful Edna, Metly just tries to stay out of trouble... and pursue a handsome soldier named Ronnie. But if the goliath Eric (Abe) or the soldier's mean twin, Donnie, or the angry Cafe Manager don't ruin his affair, perhaps the Great War will.
This short is amazing. The understanding and design that went into the sets as well as the story truly show that John Baumgartner and his crew and cast knew how to make and shoot a silent two-reeler. I sincerely hope that John is able to find a release venue for this title. It deserves to be seen by many more people.

Talking Desert (1997) (short film) - Character:
A hitman goes to kill his boss's mistress, and it turns out the mistress and the hitman are lovers. A second hitman shows up to help or does he? A better image will be added if/when I locate this film again.

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