All About Abe

Abe, born October 4, 1969 and who's full name is Abraham Rubin Hercules Benrubi, was born in Indianpolis, Indiana and had a fairly normal childhood. Standing at 6 foot 7 iches tall (now), you might think that he grew up being a bully. Not true at all, although he was tempted a few times. His mother, Patricia, divorced when Abe was 6. Abe and his mom stayed in Indianpolis. While living there, he developed an addiction that stills affects him today.....comic books. He would get so wrapped up in the characters and stories that he would begin to act out what he had read in the comic books. This is when he started to like acting.

So in grade school he started taking acting lessons and studying theatre. He started getting a few roles here and there for the local theatre but in 1989, 18 and graduated from Broad Ripple High School, Abe got a break. A low budget film was coming to town called "Diving In". He got a part.

Soon after, the pull of Hollywood was too great and he moved to Los Angeles. Luck was really on his side because six months later he was cast for a new TV series called "Parker Lewis Can't Lose", and he's been working ever since.